Thank You So Much for Supporting the Fall Book Sale!

Thank you so much to:
all of the fantastic volunteers who set up thousands of books, CDs, and DVDs for the Friends’ semi-annual book sale
those who cheerfully ran the sales each day;
the amazing clean up crew, who finished the job in 30 minutes!
the team of sorters of donations, who build our collection of items for sale all year long;
the wonderful library staff, each one helping the Friends in so many ways;
the donors, members, and purchasers.
And a special thank you to Kris Sawyer and Patt Walker for all they do before, during, and after.
We are grateful to you all.  We brought in approx. $2,500 from the sale and $700 from memberships and donations.  We could not have done this without you.
The library accepts donations of gently used books, CDs, and DVDs all year long.  
We hope to see you at our next sale, June 6-9, 2018.
Julie Jefferson and Mary Ertl
Co-Chairs, Friends of the Lane Memorial Library Fall Book Sale