Board of the Friends of the Lane Memorial Library Ask for Your Support

We the board of directors of the Friends of the Lane Memorial Library ask for your support for Town Warrant article #29 for the purchase and installation of three new large windows on the town hall side of the Children’s Room in the library. These windows will not only provide more fresh air and light but also an all important emergency exit directly from the Children’s Room. The Friends have worked hard to provide funding for ongoing educational and entertainment programs that draw Hampton’s families and their children to the Lane. Our library is a great community resource and needs this updating to continue to attract, protect and hold its users.

The Selectman voted to recommend this warrant article and we ask that you also support this worthwhile and overdue renovation when you vote at town elections on March 14, 2017

Christine Bushway                                  Wendi Lewis

Patt Walker                                              Kris Sawyer

Mary Ertl                                                  Carol Kelsey-Kolojeski

Julie Jefferson

For more information on the Hampton Town elections, go to: